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roadside Services

​don't let a minor roadside emergency ruin your day, call
sam's roadside service, " i'm on my way" 317-374-0960



UnLocking service

Auto Unlocking, Unlock Car, Locked Out Of Car
If you are locked out of your car, chances are you are away from home, and need emergency locksmith service experts to provide you with a lock out service. We offer an automotive locksmith Indianapolis which is suitable for most makes and models. Utilizing an air wedge and a rod, we can unlock your door without causing any damage.

Quick Response
We know you may be at Walmart with the ice cream melting, so 24h Auto Locksmith Experts will be there directly. Most of the time we will have your car door unlocked, and you back on the road within 30-45 minutes.

tire changes

A flat tire will definitely slow you down, however, our professional technicians can install your spare, and have you back up to speed in no time.

Proper equipment
Are you missing your spare tire tools? We have the tools to lower the spare tires on most trucks and SUVs, and the proper jack to change your tire fast, and to manufacture specification.
We can even handle a stripped lug nut, and most aftermarket wheel locks, if you are missing the key.

Jump start service

We have all heard that sound before, click, click, click....a dead battery.
We know you are on your lunch break, or you need to pick your kids up from school.. Don't wait all day for a tow truck. call Sam' Roadside Service and we can usually have a technician there within 30-45 minutes.

Proper equipment
We have the equipment to jump start any make or model car, truck, suv, all the way from a prius up to a big box truck.


Fuel delivery

If you are stuck on the highway, or 20 feet from a gas pump, we will deliver up to 2 gallons of fuel to you at no charge.(You only pay for the service call)

Proper equipment
We can deliver both regular fuel and diesel fuel.

24×7 Emergency Roadside Assistance in Indianapolis for your Car