Vehicle Unlock and Emergency Roadside Assistance in Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi, i am Sam, founder of Sam's Roadside Service. I founded this Emergency Roadside Assistance company on the premise that you don't need a tow truck for a minor roadside emergency. Utilizing a passenger vehicle and the proper equipment, we can usually have you back on the road within 30-45 minutes. We have performed over ten thousand service calls on many different makes and models. So, if you have a flat tire, need a jump start, a little fuel delivered, or you have locked your keys in the car, call us for prompt and professional service.


Vehicle Unlock and Roadside Assistance in Indianapolis, Indiana


locked out?

It's a horrible feeling, you get out of the car, you close the door, and then you realize that your keys are locked in the car.(that is not supposed to happen on this car!) Don't panic! Sam's Roadside Service will get to you quickly and unlock your car without any damage. Gain access to your car with professional auto unlocking service from Sam's Roadside service.

flat tire?

We perform tire changes on many makes and models of vehicle. If you have a blow out and need a spare tire put on, or a slow leak and just need air, Sam's Roadside Service will be there quickly, and have you back on the road. Usually within 30-45 minutes.

dead battery?

Do you drive a hybrid with special jump start procedures, or big truck that requires enormous power to jump start. If you have a dead battery on just about any car, truck, suv, or box truck, Sam's Roadside Service will send a friendly technician to have you back up and running, fast.

out of Gas?

Its probably winter time and you just ran out of gas..If you call a standard tow truck, it may take hours for them to arrive..So, call Sam's Roadside Service instead. Utilizing passenger vehicles we can deliver up to two gallons of fuel, usually within 30-45 minutes